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TL-analyzes / reports, Porcelain reports

(incl. ICP / MS with authentic samples),

TL test certificate with ICP / MS analysis,

Ceramic structural test, CT scan

 AMS 14 C

Substantiated certificateS

Since 1979, TL-analysis of ceramics from such differnt areas as, for example, Chinese, Antique, African or Pre-Columbien culture underlines great experience. Latest computer technology supports and completes analysis. Thus defination of age is possible with +/- 15-35% exactitude. This is more than sufficient to identify modern imitations.

Help and Security for your objects

When analyzing your artefact only small quantities are needed for sampling.The sample quantities are minimal (50-200 mg).The TL-analysis provides some information about the last time of heating to the samples!


Technology & Methodology